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About Us

Our Caring Hearts

Our Caring Hearts is a disability service provider and a newly established organisation created in 2020. The CEO, Garry and Director, Cheryl are the creators and  the heart of Our Caring Hearts. Cheryl has a long term background within youth works and the disability sector.  Cheryl and Garry set out to create a company that is going to make the necessary changes in the sector that would enable all participants to live a happy and fulfilled life through their care, support and services. 


Happy Girl with Glasses
Girl in Wheelchair
Our Mission

Our Mission Is to create welcoming and trusted services for people with disability or special needs in order to help build the necessary bridges and overcome boundaries to progress to a stable and fulfilled way of living by achieving their goals.

Our Business Values

We at Our Caring Hearts follow these five foundational values that combine and create the culture of our organisation and practices.

Justice: We believe in the right of all people, regardless of belief or culture, to be treated fairly and justly.

Hope: We commit to creating an atmosphere of hope where people find meaning in their life, experiences, change and relationships.

Collaboration: We Commit to working in a collaborative spirit through cooperation, coordination and partnership.


Compassion: We commit to creating an attitude of openness, empathy and compassion to their circumstances.


Respect: We seek to listen and learn from each other and build relationships with respect and empathy. 

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